Summer Reading updates

6th Grade - The Crossover - by Kwame Alexander  

7th Grade - One Crazy Summer - by Rita Williams Garcia 

8th Grade - With Their Eyes: September 11 - The View from Ground Zero by edited by Annie Thoms, Taresh Batra 

Parents may pick up books at MMS, June 14- June 30 during summer school. Books are FREE to all MMS students by grade level.

We are excited to announce the 2021 Summer Reading for students in grades K-12 and our partnership with Rockdale County Library System to kick-off the RCPS Student PLAY (PINES Library Access for Youth) program.   

  • This year the parent/student signature forms will be collected digitally.  

  • Media specialist should post Summer Reading Guidelines and Signature Form links to your school web page.  

  •  All teachers should share the Summer Reading Guidelines and Signature Form links with parents on your school’s communication platforms.   

Below you will find guidance and links to important documents to support this initiative that are also available on our district website. Please be sure to share the information with your school team to ensure that it is communicated with teachers, parents, and students.  


Middle School 

FY21-22 RCPS Summer Reading Teacher Protocol 

Parent & Student Resources 

FY21-22 RCPS District Summer Reading Guidelines (6-8) 

MS Summer Reading Signature Forms (6-8) 





* Summer Reading Signature Forms  (please share the link to your school’s form that can be completed by parents of elementary school students and middle/high students)

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